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How to breathe through your hectic schedule?

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How to breathe through your hectic schedule?

When your business is growing fast but you can’t find the time to dedicate to yourself and release work stress that you’ve accumulated. As your stakeholders begin to expect more from you the more you have to invest your time and effort which will leave you with a hectic schedule.  You’re probably compelling yourself to prioritize your key responsibilities at work while you struggle to deal with interactions with your customers, colleagues and even boss or the employee. With all these how would you manage you time to do research, keep tab on the industry updates and update yourself? Sometimes you don’t even have time to make a proper schedule or an agenda for the day, to make sure that you left no task behind. It is natural if you make mistakes or forget an important task due to your overloaded, stressed up mind. You may even have got into some serious trouble due to this small slip in our mind.  Let me list down a few important things that could the efficiency down due to the hectic nature of your schedule.

  • Losing important calls
  • Forgetting to respond to emails
  • Failing to be attended to social tasks
  • failing to update yourself with proper research
  • Failing to update yourself with latest industry news, trends and patterns


Of course, they are time consuming. It’s easy to avoid worrying and assume that the damage done due to these deficiencies are neglectable considering the major part of your work which is done on a day. But you can never forget, how harmful it could be for the future and the success of your business. Let me expand on a few situations that could happen.

  • Missing a customer call might seem trivial. Well, it is, they are approached and acknowledged within the time period that they are still expecting your response.  But what if if you completely forgot to get back to them, or in between the time period that you take to get back to them they’ve been approached by your biggest competitor? Not so trivial huh? Or the worst that could happen is, if your customer is impatient aggressive they might end up hating you leaving you forever, spreading a negative name among their friends. If this keeps happening even a loyal customer could lose the credibility and feel neglected.
  • How many emails you received today? How many did you open? How many did you acknowledged? How many did you acknowledged with a proper reply? Well, the number keeps coming down, huh? It’s natural when you have a busy day, but from the receiver’s point, they will be expecting an important urgent answer from you.
  • When is the last time you did a proper online research about something that you were interested, or may be about your industry? Are you really aware what’s happening right now in your industry? Well you know the answer, and you know the reason.

These are just a few incidents that could or did happen to you. What can you do about it? Carry on the same way and deal with the problems when it occurs? Well, I don’t think so. You need to think wisely before you make a decision on this. You have to be careful when you deal with these kind of matters, since they are personal, private and confidential. But still you can’t avoid the fact that you are going backwards with the fast-moving world if you do not provide yourself a proper solution.

Maybe you hire a trusted employee to undertake the half of your workload. Or maybe you could look for a virtual assistant. The choice is yours, depending on the idea you have in mind.  This way, you would have time to isolate yourself with your major work, while all your supporting tasks are being taken care of efficiently. When you have a free and focused mind you can excel at what you do and increase your productivity and efficiency promising the quality of the work produced.