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In Need Of Offshore Contact Center Services? Choose Sri Lanka

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In Need Of Offshore Contact Center Services? Choose Sri Lanka

Making the decision to turn to an offshore service provider for your contact center needs is a challenging one. You know that outsourcing is the only way to keep the cost of your contact center reasonable, but there are so many variables to consider: Where can you find quality service at a reasonable price? With so many different nations offering contact center services, how do you choose the best country to meet your requirements? And how do you mitigate risks such as language barriers and differing attitudes toward what constitutes high quality customer care? After all, we’ve all heard about the “outsourcing nightmares” that can occur when you rely on low-paid, under-educated workers from industry heavyweights like India.

As many businesses have discovered, the best way to avoid the potential pitfalls of offshore outsourcing is to steer clear of the biggest contact center outsourcing destinations. Instead, you should choose the industry’s hidden gem: Sri Lanka.

Introducing Sri Lanka: The Best Place To Find Your Next Offshore Contact Center


 Sri Lanka has long been an epicenter of trade thanks to its strategic location. This dynamic South Asian island can be found in the Indian Ocean, just southeast of the Indian subcontinent, meaning that it connects with numerous Indian Ocean sea lanes. What really makes Sri Lanka unique, however, is its people: Though Sri Lanka is classed as a developing country, the Sri Lankan people are typically highly educated. In fact, 5.4 percent of the country’s entire GDP is being used for primary education.

How has this money been spent? On 10,000 state schools, 23 universities with international degrees, and a range of partnerships with other universities including Monash, Curtin, Staffordshire, Manchester, and the University of London, among others. As a result, Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate in South Asia (92 percent) and the highest United Nations Human Development Index.

The Sri Lankan government understands the importance of international communication, too. Though Sinhalese remains the country’s first official language, since 2009 (the government-appointed Year of English and IT), Sri Lankan professionals have adopted the fluent use of English as well. Additionally, because English is the primary language of higher education, all Sri Lankan graduates are bilingual English speakers. They speak in a clear, neutral English accent that is appropriate for work in any field, anywhere.

Unlike many nations, who became outsourcing hotspots solely due to low wages, Sri Lanka has intentionally positioned itself as an offshore service provider. Indeed, the government aimed to make ITO and BPO its number one export by 2012. Thanks to these efforts, Sri Lanka has been ranked number 14 on the 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index (GSLI). Today, whether you’re outsourcing a contact center, ITO services, or within the F&A Market, you can do so with confidence in Sri Lanka.

What Are The Advantages Of Offshoring A Contact Center To Sri Lanka?

To put the above information into context, let’s examine how an excellent education system and international commitment translates directly into better contact center service:

  • Sri Lankan contact center personnel speak with a clear accent that is comprehensible to most English speakers around the world. This will alleviate the risk of customers feeling let down because they cannot understand your representative’s thick native accent.
  • High levels of education translate into a better understanding of your company’s products and services. Because Sri Lankan contact center representatives are so highly literate, they can easily learn everything they need to answer calls competently and informatively.
  • A high development index means better technology. Never again will you have to deal with your offshore contact center losing its telephone or internet connection. You will be treated to reliable, consistent service thanks to Sri Lanka’s modern infrastructure and “first world” technology standards.
  • Sri Lanka has an open market that boasts outstanding affordability. Not only was Sri Lanka the first country in South Asia to liberalize its economy, it remains one of the most cost-effective outsourcing destinations, having been ranked the 4th most financially attractive destination on A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI) in 2009. Additionally, there is little wage appreciation in Sri Lanka, so you won’t have to battle rising costs as you would in India.

Are there Any Disadvantages To Offshoring In Sri Lanka?

Before you outsource your contact center services, you’ll probably want to know if there are any downsides or special circumstances to consider in Sri Lanka. The good news is that there aren’t many, thanks to the Sri Lankan government’s focus on developing an excellent market for outsourcing. You will, however, probably still encounter minor language issues; slang, phrases, and terminology always differ from nation to nation, after all. Should this hold you back from working with Sri Lankans? We don’t think so. Think of it this way: An American will often struggle to understand a Brit’s slang, spelling, and favorite sayings—but that doesn’t mean they can’t do business together. We’re confident that you will find most Sri Lankans are willing to work with you in order to understand your particular linguistic needs.