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5 Types Of Work That Can Be Effectively Taken Care Of By A Virtual Assistant

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5 Types Of Work That Can Be Effectively Taken Care Of By A Virtual Assistant

Wouldn’t we all love to have an assistant at work? Someone helpful, friendly, and competent who could take care of all of those “accessory” tasks that typically interfere with our productivity (e.g., writing emails, answering the phone, etc.). We know we would get a lot more done if we could just get a bit of help in streamlining our workflow. Alas, the costs inherent in hiring on a new employee (training, sick pay, providing insurance and another benefits) make bringing an on-site assistant into the company impossible for most small-to-medium sized businesses.

Before you decide to go it alone, however, you should know that there’s a third option to consider: Hiring a virtual assistant. Not only will a VA require less training and receive no benefits, they can frequently be hired to work remotely from locations where wages are relatively low. The end result? You get a professional, qualified assistant at a fraction of the cost—one who can easily take care of the following tasks:

  1. Online research.

Whether you want someone to keep abreast of the latest industry trends for you or you need specific topical research completed, a VA can help. He or she can save you hours of time by scanning through information in order to pick out the most relevant facts and details. VAs are especially useful for those working in research-heavy fields like journalism and Marketing.

  1. Scheduling tasks.

Thanks to the widespread availability of online scheduling tools, today it’s easier than ever to hire a VA to manage your calendars. Your VA can help you field meeting invitations from potential clients and customers, schedule appointments for you, and help you plan events, among other tasks. Better still, they can remind you (and any employees you have) of upcoming obligations so that you can avoid tardiness and rushing around to prepare at the last minute.

  1. Handling calls and emails.

With a bit of basic instruction, your virtual assistant can learn how to filter important emails from unimportant (or “spam”) emails and even reply to emails on your behalf. They can also field general phone calls for you (that is, phone calls that do not require detailed technical knowledge of your products or services).

  1. Social media maintenance.

Having to create and manage a multitude of social media profiles is unavoidable today—customers simply expect businesses to be available on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Finding the time to interact on social media every day is, however, a real challenge for businesses that lack a dedicated marketing department. The solution? You guessed it: Outsource this time-consuming task to a virtual assistant.

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  1. Lead generation and sales.

Being too busy working on existing projects to generate new leads is the major reason why entrepreneurs often experience a “feast or famine” style of income: They either have far too much to do or no work at all. Fortunately, hiring a virtual assistant to look for new projects while you tackle your existing workload is an easy way to ensure you have regular, reliable work.

Over time, virtual assistants often become valued members of a business’s extended team, so don’t let the fear of high turnover rates stop you from investing in remote workers. Remember: Other than being geographically distant and a great deal of less expensive, remote workers are no different from conventional employees—and no less valuable.