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Have You Selected The Right Outsourced Solution Provider For Your Business?

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Have You Selected The Right Outsourced Solution Provider For Your Business?


Regardless of which industry your company operates in, one ‘golden rule’ invariably applies: Without excellent customer service, your business won’t succeed, no matter how amazing your product is.

In today’s 24-hour world, you need a call center that can deliver consistently high-quality customer care while fielding inquiries seven days a week. To set up such a center within your existing business is, however, probably very cost prohibitive; the sum needed to invest in new infrastructure, staff, and training is usually far outside of what most businesses can afford. The only viable solution to handling customer inquiries is therefore to hire an outsourced call center: When you work with a foreign call center service provider, you benefit from low hourly rates, the existing expertise of their staff, and not having to make a large upfront investment in either facilities or training.

There is, mind you, a caveat to be aware of before you proceed: To have a satisfactory experience when outsourcing call center services, businesses need to focus on more than just price. According to Bryce Maddock, CEO of the outsourced customer support provider TaskUs, “The most common mistake companies make when choosing a call center is focusing exclusively on price,” but, “Service, reliability and cultural fit should never be discounted. Choose the call center that fits your brand and company culture, not just your price point.”

What, then, does Maddock advise business owners to consider before choosing an offshore service provider? In addition to making sure the firm is reputable and backed by solid reviews, business owners should analyze all of the factors listed below:

Location of the outsourced service provider

Location affects your choice of call center in a few important ways. First and foremost, you need to consider the timezone of the country you wish to outsource in. If you’re looking to establish an ‘after hours’ call center (as is usually the case), you’ll want to make sure the call center is located in a time zone that’s the opposite of your own—i.e., when it’s night time where you are, it’s daytime where they are. If you want 24-hour call center service, on the other hand, you’ll need to pick a call center that either employs night-shift workers or who operates multiple locations in more than one time zone.

Before settling on a location, you should also verify that the country you’re thinking of outsourcing in has a stable, well-developed infrastructure, a compatible culture, a favorable exchange rate, and a relatively low instance of intellectual property and data theft.


Language Variations

The myth of the foreign call center worker who speaks in broken, heavily-accented English is usually just that—A myth. Since the advent of the digital age, most professionals around the world have developed a decent working knowledge of English, and call center employees in particular are often quite fluent. There are, however, still country-by-country variations to consider: People in former British colonies like India and Sri Lanka tend to speak British English, for example, whereas people in the Philippines usually speak standard American English. For the best experience possible, choose a call center location where the vernacular matches that of your customer base.




Most call centers specialize within a certain industry in order to provide specific in-depth expertise to their clients and customers. You should therefore choose a call center whose background aligns with your field: If, for example, your business operates in the IT industry, you should select a call center that has a strong history of providing excellent tech support. (Don’t forget to ask for references that prove the call center has worked successfully with other businesses in your field in the past.)

If you take all of the above factors into consideration, you’ll be fully prepared to hire a call center that offers not only affordable rates, but excellent overall value as well. While researching the criteria covered in this guide may take a bit of extra time and effort, the end result will be happy, satisfied, and loyal customers.