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Countries to outsource your call center- For Australian businesses


Countries to outsource your call center- For Australian businesses

            Thanks to its favorable location and progressive, international attitude, Australia has become one of the most active outsourcing economies in the world. If you’re interested in joining this trend of outsourcing a call center, the foremost question on your mind is probably where, exactly, your fellow Aussies are finding the best offshore talent. Fortunately, current data can help guide you in the right direction:

Call center Services

The Top Call center Outsourcing Destinations For Australians

            According to research conducted by the consulting firm Tholons, India still holds the title of #1 outsourcing destination by sheer volume of call centers (and other outsourcing agencies). Because there are so many people in India vs. other popular South Asian outsourcing nations, India houses the most firms and freelancers. However, when we look a bit more closely at the statistics, divergent trends emerge: Notably, while India holds the crown where 24×7 call center services are concerned, it doesn’t come out on top across the board.

Philippians, India or Sri Lanka?

            When it comes to IT offshoring, the Philippines are actually the favored destination for the vast majority of Australians. There are a few reasons for this: One, there’s a larger pool of highly trained, thoroughly professional IT workers in the Philippines. Two, the Philippines and Australia are in very similar timezones, which makes it easier to coordinate complex IT projects. Three, the Philippines boast a very high English literacy rate (about 97%).

            In terms of hiring finance professionals and virtual assistants, on the other hand, the Philippines loses out to Sri Lanka. Not only does Sri Lanka offer an even higher English literacy rate than the Philippines (at close to 100%), its education system is, in general, vastly superior. This makes it easier for businesses to source certified accountants and well-educated, professional-sounding VAs and call center personnel. (In fact, Sri Lanka was officially recognized by Tholons as a Global Center of Excellence for Financial Accounting Outsourcing.)

            It should be noted that the above trends are in a state of flux, however: Due to quality and infrastructure issues, India is gradually declining in popularity as an outsourcing destination. Indeed, many experts feel that Sri Lanka is poised to take over when it comes to 24-hour call center services. Why? They offer even more competitive rates than India, in addition to having all of the advantages described above. Sri Lanka is also set to cut into the Philippines’ dominance over the IT sector thanks to its vastly superior infrastructure. While it’s certainly true that there are many skilled IT professionals in the Philippines—and most of them speak fluent English—all of that is of little use to Aussie business owners if they’re constantly being delayed by power outages, Internet outages, and other technological failures… All of which remain common in the Philippines.



            In summation, if you want to get in on the ground floor when it comes to finding the most reliable and affordable offshore customer service talent, you might want to skip the “heavy hitters” and hire within Sri Lanka. Both their call center personnel and virtual assistants are (on average) superior to those you’ll find in India, while their wages remain lower than those of their more populous neighbor. Additionally, their finance and IT professionals are highly trained and can easily round out your offshore “dream team.”