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Importance of an Aafterhours Contact Center.

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Importance of an Aafterhours Contact Center.

Does your business provide caring, reliable customer service every day? If you’re like most business owners, you almost certainly answered that question with an enthusiastic “Yes!” But what about after hours? Do you have a system in place to handle customer inquiries that occur during evenings and weekends? Well, if you want to maintain a complete and efficient contact center it’s crucial that you operate your Afterhours contact center successfully.

This is where things get muddy for most SME owners: Limited budgets often result in the inability to maintain a dedicated customer service center on-site… Let alone maintain one around the clock. If your business is still on the smaller end of the spectrum, you therefore probably defer customer inquiries until normal business hours. There’s just one problem with this approach: In all likelihood, you maintain the exact same working hours as your customers do!

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Why Your Customers Need An Afterhours Contact Center

Obviously, most people can’t pause in the middle of their workday to call you with a concern or complaint… Particularly if their inquiry is of a complex nature. Instead, they need to contact you after hours—Usually later in the evening once they have driven home, eaten, etc. Likewise, some people have almost no free time on the weekdays. The only time they can contact customer service is during weekends. For these customers, being repeatedly given an automated reply telling them to call during business hours is frustrating. Eventually, it even starts to feel downright insulting.

             Understandably, when customers never receive an answer from you on their schedule, they become fed up. At this juncture, it becomes extremely likely that they’ll abandon your product or service. After all, there are probably other businesses that offer the same product or service you do… Only they also supply an after hours contact center. For this reason, having a 24-hour contact center or upgrading your current contact center to an Afterhours contact center, can easily mean the difference between success and failure.

Afterhours Contact Center

In The Modern World, Response Time Is Everything

Offering a fast response time is also essential to building trust in your brand. Why? Having access to mobile devices has reshaped people’s expectations when it comes to communication.

In today’s culture, receiving an instant response is more than just convenient. Instead, it’s a sign that the person you’re talking to actually cares about the conversation. Think about it this way: How often have you seen people complain when a friend doesn’t text them back right away? Failing to respond promptly in an age when we carry mobile devices with us everywhere is considered neglectful. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or a business; it’s going to be seen as just plain rude if you don’t answer quickly. If you want to make your customers feel respected and valued, you need an after hours contact center. It’s that simple.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution that balances customer needs with the average SME budget: Outsourcing. When you choose to establish your afterhours contact center offshore, you can take advantage of a few key benefits. One, wages are typically lower in popular outsourcing destinations (e.g., Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines). Two, people in different timezones can respond to after-hours inquiries more easily. After all, your night is probably their day! Finally, customer service personnel in many offshore locations are highly skilled owing to the demand for contact center services there. If you own a small business, outsourcing is therefore the logical solution to meet your customer’s needs… No matter when they happen.