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Why Do You Need To Have Live Chat On Your Website?  

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Why Do You Need To Have Live Chat On Your Website?  

Most of us are already aware of the value of providing a call center for excellent customer service. We also know that we should open up alternative channels like email and SMS… But what about live chat? Though you may not realize it, Chat facility on your website is essential if you’re serious about customer service, and here’s why:

Live chat

  1. Studies show that customers prefer chat.

According to a report published by eDigital Research, customers typically prefer to chat via the website over other customer service channels. The report, which was titled Customer Service Benchmark, cited real-time chat’s efficiency and flexibility as reasons why customers choose it. These findings were corroborated by an ATG Global Consumer Trend study. This study revealed that 90% of customers find chat via website to be helpful.

Additionally, text-based communication like live chat is consistently ranked as being less stressful than speech. When customers have to speak verbally to you, they often feel “put on the spot,” which causes them to forget information they’d like to tell you. Furthermore, most people are nervous about speaking directly to strangers. The slightly less direct, less personal nature of live chat is therefore relaxing to your customers.

  1. Live chat frees up your call center personnel.

Complex customer inquiries are usually better off handled by phone. However, such calls make up only a small percentage of the customer service requests you probably get. The vast majority of requests are simple in nature—and therefore easily handled via text. When you put live chat in place, you can divert these minor inquiries to your Live chat. This frees up your call center employees to handle complex questions, reducing operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction. After all, no one likes to be put on hold when they do need call center services!

  1. Live chat can help build trust in your brand.

As alluded to above, the more available you are for your customers, the happier they are. This satisfaction directly translates into increased customer loyalty and trust. When you show your customers that you want to be there for them, they feel valued and appreciated. It’s these feelings—along with a quality product, of course—that keep people coming back.

  1. Live chat can boost sales.

According to a survey conducted by Emarketer, customers are much more likely to return to a website with chat. As the report states: “62% [of customers] reported being more likely to purchase from the site [with chat] again. A further 38% of respondents said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself

Live chat

The latter figure is unsurprising when you consider the fact that customers often have questions during the shopping process. They may, for example, want to see if they can choose an alternative shipping or payment method. If you have a live chat feature, they can get these questions answered in “real time.” This can easily mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping cart.

Remember that (like most communication channels), live chat doesn’t have to be expensive to maintain. You can work with outsourced customer service providers to dramatically reduce the cost of 24/7 live chat.