Contact Center Services

Provide your customers an exceptional service by personalizing each one of them is one of the key factors that influences the success of a business. But establishing an efficient contact center with a skilled, competent team will be costly and time consuming.  But if you let us help you with our trained, experienced and skilled team you can be confident that you do not need to be involved to this subject anymore.



Tenured, customer-centric teams,

24/7 Service

Effective technologies

Real time reporting


Multi-channel (Voice / Email / Web tickets / Live chat / Co-browsing / SMS, Fax / Social media)


Customer Acquisition

Acquiring a customer is one of the significant functionalities of a business which requires a lot of effort, time and money. But the question is, do you have necessary resources and time to spend. Your sales and marketing department can implement effective strategies. But, to establish those strategies you need an experienced team dedicated for each of those functionalities. To build such a team from the scratch, you need to spend more time and money while you struggle to find correct people and train them.

But if you could get the support from an already established, well trained team imagine how much time and effort it will save you. The results may surprise you.

Market Research

List building / Lead generation

Order taking / Payment Process

Sales, telemarketing

Account management

Customer service

Excellent customer service levels are essential for the success of a business. To provide such customer service levels you need to invest on resources, time and effort. We understand that it is lot easier said than done when your plate is full with more priorities. That’s where our outsourced solutions come into play giving you the upper hand in the market competition.

We assign a well trained and experienced team dedicated and committed to take care of your customers and look after them well. Proper customer service can increase the NPS (Net Promoter Score) attracting more customers to your business.

Technical Support (Pre-and After sales)

After sales services and support

24-7 Chat support via websites

Customer retention

Customer retention is another area where businesses fail to pay sufficient attention. It is obvious that hiring a separate team for this purpose would be costly and time consuming. So let us take care of the rough patches while you move ahead with the smooth flow.  

Debt Collection Services

Sales verification and quality assurance

Retention and 'win back' campaigns

Value Pack – Monthly


Per Month

  • 24x7x365 availability

  • 500 incoming calls

  • 100 outbound calls (Within Australia)

  • 0.50$ for additional call

  • Unlimited Email replies

  • Unlimited Chat replies

  • 24 Month Contract

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