Network Support Services

What is network support?

Network support is maintaining a corporate network which helps them in functioning and networking internally as well as externally on a daily basis. Also it may include repairing, testing, troubleshooting and all kinds of support and implementations for an uninterrupted network.

Why you need a Network Support service?

Network support is important for a business to run smoothly, taking precaution and being prepared for any crash or interruption which may halt business operations.

What we can do for you

Cisco support contract: Cisco based network configurations and maintenance

IT support for users.

Installing new software

Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords

Overseeing security of all systems, especially the internet, and installing antivirus protection

Fixing network faults

Network maintenance

Technical support for people using the network

Training staff on new systems

Day to day admin and monitoring of network use

Planning future improvements, suggesting IT solutions to business problems

IT consulting Melbourne and Australia

What’s special about our Network Support Services?

Qualified and well trained Network Engineers at your service, making sure of an uninterrupted network.

24/7 365 maintenance operations: making networks safe and efficient to work.

Dedicated training session for each project- We always arrange a dedicated training session for each project you expect to occupy our agents on, to ensure that our agents are educated to provide a high quality service.

Need a Custom Plan?